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Curtains is a folk ballad, followed by a jig which uses my voice as a bagpipe of sorts. It's a celebration of meeting the love of my life in Cape Town in 2016, after years of being a glum twentysomething in London.

The thing that sticks in my head from my life in London is the way that over time, the colour of the street lights — and so, the colour of the night sky — went from orange to white. The orange came from sodium lamps lining every road, but LED technology came along and was both cheaper and better at lighting everything. Orange was the backdrop of countless nights I spent getting drunk all across London, hoping to find someone to be with.

Now, London will never again be orange. The melancholy of my early twenties that I wallowed in is also gone forever, replaced by the everyday joy I get from sharing my life with the most amazing person in the world.

Before deciding to go to Cape Town, I was in a hostel in Lilongwe. I'd been away from the UK for a while, and I was thinking of going back. I weighed it up next to a swimming pool, with sunlight illuminating a spider's web in a bush next to me.

A few more months away? Or back to everything I knew?

Another adventure? Or home?

Adventure won.

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